River City Aikido
Virginia Aiki Shuren Dojo

NEW 2019 Day Camps
April  27: Advanced Fire
May 4: Eat, Make, Heal: Knowing the Green World
May 18: Archery, Traps, and Snares

2019 Summer Camps
June 24-28
July 8-12
July 22-26
August 5-9

2019 Backpacking Trip
June 21-23, 2019

Early Registration dealine for all events: April
22, 2019 ($100 discount)

River City Aikido recently affiliated with Iwama Takemusu Aikikai and Mark Larson
Sensei of Minnesota Aiki Shuren Dojo.

The official dojo name registered as Virginia Aiki Shuren Dojo, but we will still do
business as River City Aikido.
Resilience- awareness