"After watching my 5 year old for several classes I was blown away by the discipline that
Sensei instills in the children.  To go from being wild and raucous before class to complete
quiet and reverence with a clap of the hand is awe inspiring.  I love Sensei's approach with
the children.  He is fun and nurturing, always focusing on the short term achievements
towards the long term goal.  Out of all the activities my daughter is involved with, this is by
far her favorite!"  Maria

"I started Aikido just before my 57th birthday.  It does not encourage competition or
aggression; it is a peaceful, harmonious martial art. I chose River City Aikido because
Sensei Brian Hill exemplifies this philosophy.  This is a great group to train with; Sensei and
everyone in class is so very supportive. My self-confidence and flexibility are improving, my
aches and pains are disappearing. I have more energy than I’ve had in years.  I am actually
beginning to feel younger!"  Mary

"Sensei Hill is the Mary Poppins of martial arts. He creates an environment of respect in
which the children want to succeed and advance.   Sensei teaches his students self control
and discipline... All while having fun." Amanda

"There is a deep and powerful philosophy underlying aikido: to give life, to protect your
attacker from harm, to defend yourself ethically and model an effective and moral option for
conflict resolution. Aikido training improves your attitude, as well as your physical well
being, and it is highly transferabl in many aspects of my daily life. I am grateful for Brian’s
sensitive instruction, and for the guidance of the other students.  We also have a lot of fun
parties. That’s not on the website."  Tracy