Brian Hill Sensei began studying aikido in 1996 at the age
of 26, and also studied tae kwon do and karate in his
youth.  He was promoted to yondan (fourth degree black
belt) in March of 2010.  Brian studied as a live-in student in
both California and Japan.  He began teaching aikido in
2001, and opened River City Aikido in the Spring of 2005.  

Brian is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who provides
psychotherapy for adults, children, adolescents, and their
families in private practice at Navigator Counseling &
Psychotherapy.  He holds a bachelor's degree in
psychology from Virginia Wesleyan College and a master's
degree in clinical social work from Virginia Commonwealth

Brian's unique training and background enables an
uncommon ability to connect with students from diverse
backgrounds and tailor their martial arts experience to meet
specific needs.  His vision is to provide the most traditional
and authentic dojo experience, to pass down aikido in its
most original form, to teach students to apply aikido to their
everyday lives, and to foster an exciting, challenging, and
enjoyable environment where students find community and
personal growth.

Please feel free to contact Brian at 804-387-2279 if you
have questions, or email him at
Brian practicing bokken suburi at the Witt
Shihan seminar 2005, Ashland, VA.
Hitohiro Saito sensei and Brian Hill sensei pose for a photo on
the occasion of Brian's last training day as uchi deshi at Saito
sensei's Iwama Tanrenkan dojo, June 2005.
Sightseeing at the shrine atop Mount
Tsukuba, Japan.  June 2005.
morote-dori as Mark Larson sensei instructs at a
seminar in Fredericksburg, VA (c. 2001).