How are these day camps different from your normal summer camp experience?

This camp is an old-school adventure, allowing children to play and experience the natural world with spontaneous freedom,
under the supervison of an adult who is experienced and comfortable in natur
e, who understands and values supervision and
safety, but who will encourage exploration.

Our summer camp is a uniquely spontaneous experience, but these Day Camps are targeted at specific skill sets, like firemaking,
plant identification and use, or archery.  Our time will be spent with more focus on those dedicated topics.  So: less adventure and
play and more practice of skills.

Another difference is that I really want the Day Camps
to be a place where families can spend time together,
since it will take place on a Saturday.

What is the age range for this camp?

7-14 years (younger okay if accompanied by parent)

What is the required gear?

-personal craft materials if you already have them

-water bottle
-personal medical needs
-lunch in cooler bag
-personal snacks (if allergic)
-small journal, pen

How are lunch and snacks handled?
-Please bring your own lunch
-morning and afternoon snacks provided
-hydration drink mix
-water refills
-Sun screen
-bug repellent

Where will the camps take place?

Brian will email you places to meet inside each park in the morning. End of day pick up from the same location.  

How do we make contact in case of an emergency?

Brian will have his phone on him at all times.  Feel free to contact him for any reason.  In case of emergency, a parent will be
contacted immediately to consult prior to any medical intervention past basic first aid.

What kinds of activities are planned during the day?

Each day may incorporate any combination of these skills and experiences

Martial Arts (Aikido):
•  Applied self defense, practical skills in real life situations, age appropriate weapons defense (stick)
•  Verbal self-defense/assertiveness, dealing with bullies

Nature/Wilderness Survival Skills:
•  Turning "scary" into "just natural": Identifying & addressing hazards (ticks, snakes, spiders, poison ivy)
•  Nature awareness and observation skills (engaging the 5 senses)
•  Nature journaling (sketching, leaf pressing, photography)
•  Wilderness survival (clean water, shelter, one match & primitive fire making, cordage, baskets)
•  Plant and tree identification (usages: utilitarian, edible, medicinal)
•  Animal and bird identification (bird songs)
•  Animal and human tracking (using clues in nature to know what and who is near)
•  Stalking and movement, natural camouflage (practicing stealth, ie “ninja skills”)
•  Using field guides and identification aids/apps
Day Camp FAQ