Martial Arts, Survival, and Weapons Intensives
Wilderness Warriors Backpacking
At River City Aikido our mission is to provide experiences and opportunities that increase resilience
and adaptability in an ever-changing and unpredictable world, enhancing our inherent ability to make
ethical decisions with integrity and character.  This experience is so much more than "just a camp"---
warriors embark on MISSIONS.  That's what this is: a mission.  A rite of passage.

Our mission is to face ourselves in the wilderness, to push through our fears and uncertainties, and
discover uncharted territories filled with courage and resourcefulness within-- training and
challenging our bodies and minds for not just survival, but how to thrive.  Join us on two night
wilderness weapons intensive experiences on the Appalachian Trail.  Imagine what we experienced
last year:  dawn weapons practice on a mountaintop, pushing ourselves to physical exhaustion in the
heat and then weapons defense barefoot in a mountain stream.  Laughing and telling stories on the
edge of a cliff watching the sun set.  

Each participant should be prepared for the physical challenge, and be able to carry food, supplies,
weapons, and water. This trip includes aikido classes, wilderness survival and nature awareness
instruction including animal and man tracking, plant/tree/bird identification, and the
medicinal/edible/utilitarian uses of plants and trees. We provide all meals which we will eat as a
community.  Inexperienced hikers will be mentored on what they need to bring and how to prepare.  
Minimum 10 participants, max 16.

This experience is designed for everyone over age 11: teens, parents, adult student, family and
friends.  No prior experience necessary. 11-12 year olds will be evaluated individually for size and
physical capability (simply due to the weight of the gear required compared to their body size).

Each day may incorporate:

Martial Arts (Aikido):
•  Applied self defense, practical skills in real life situations
•  Weapons defense (knife, machete, sword, staff)
•  Danger assessment and approach training
•   Psychological readiness and preparation
•  Situational awareness and fighting off Normalcy Bias

Nature/Wilderness Survival Skills:
•  Identifying, recognizing, addressing hazards (ticks, snakes, spiders, poison ivy)
•  Nature awareness and observation skills (engaging the 5 senses)
•  Wilderness survival (water, shelter, primitive fire making, cordage and basketry)
•  Plant and tree identification (usages: utilitarian, edible, medicinal)
•  Animal and bird identification (bird language)
•  Animal and human tracking
•  Stalking, movement, natural camouflage (practicing stealth in the woods, ie “ninja skills”)

Character Building and Personal Growth:
•  Perseverance: commitment, dedication, mental and physical toughness, tenacity
•  Self-Control: emotional regulation skills, relaxation skills, focus and self-discipline
•  Integrity: honesty, loyalty, reliability, honor, self-sacrifice, boundaries, respect
•  Mindfulness meditation: breathing, being present, 5 senses awareness, stillness practice
•  Journaling: active awareness
•  Active solitude: practicing being alone, silence practice, awareness inventory
June 22-24, 2018:
Sword and Knife
Early Registration
Regular Registration
Before April 22, 2018
After April 22, 2018

Some families and parents with no prior
outdoor/wilderness experience may have
questions about safety, etc.  If you are
uncomfortable or unsure about what your child
may experience, please do to not hesitate to call,
Brian will be happy to talk with you!

In case of emergency: Brian will have his phone
on him at all times (with backup battery), however
reception is spotty in the mountains.  Feel free to
contact him for any reason.  In case of
emergency, a parent will be contacted
immediately ASAP to consult prior to any medical
intervention past basic first aid.
Required Supplies:
-backpack, shelter (tent/tarp/hammock, etc)
-sleeping bag/sleeping pad
-Sturdy hiking boots, hiking socks
-2 water bottles (water filter preferred)
-plate, bowl, utensils
-rain gear
-personal medical needs

-all meals
-aikido weapons
-cookstoves and fuel

Tentative Schedule:
Depart Dojo 0400
Depart trailhead around noon
Afternoon aikido practice
Hike to campsite
Nature awareness skills
Plant identification
Sunset aikido practice
Fire making skills/ demonstration

Dawn aikido practice
Morning nature awareness routines practice
Lunch/nature talk/aikido practice
Tracking practice
Sunset aikido practice
Evening/Nature talk
Night hike/Star talk
Drum stalk

Dawn aikido practice
Morning nature awareness routines practice
Bird identification and language
Primitive camouflage and stalking
Lunch/aikido practice
Return home 5p Richmond