Martial Arts and Nature Camp
At River City Aikido our mission is to provide experiences that increase your child’s resilience and adaptability in an ever-
changing and unpredictable world, and to enable them to make ethical decisions with integrity and character.  What better
playground than our local parks to learn these life skills, where we can develop and grow through play, adventure, and

This camp is an old-school adventure, allowing children to play and experience the world in ways that are fast disappearing
from our society, with the oversight of an adult who is experienced and comfortable in nature, who understands and values
supervision and safety, but who will encourage exploration.  Your child will return home having gotten dirty, muddy, wet, and

Ages: Children must be at least 5 years old to participate.

Each day will incorporate:

Martial Arts (Aikido):
•  Applied self defense, practical skills in real life situations
•  Weapons defense: age appropriate (a stick on a playground, for example)
•  Verbal self-defense/assertiveness
•  Dealing with bullies

Nature/Wilderness Survival Skills:
•  Turning "scary" into "just natural": Identifying, recognizing, and avoiding/addressing hazards (ticks, snakes,
spiders, poison ivy)
•  Nature awareness and observation skills (engaging the 5 senses)
•  Nature journaling (sketching, leaf pressing, photography)
•  Wilderness survival (finding and preparing clean water, shelter, primitive fire making (demo by me),
cordage and basketry)
•  Plant and tree identification (usages: utilitarian, edible, medicinal)
•  Animal and bird identification (bird songs)
•  Animal and human tracking (using clues in nature to know what and who is near)
•  Stalking and movement, natural camouflage (practicing silence, stealth in the woods, ie “ninja skills”)
•  Using field guides and identification aids/apps

•  Scavenger hunt
•  Letterboxing/geocaching
•  Games: Hide and seek/capture the flag, water balloon tag
•  Free time exploring

Character Building:
•  Perseverance: commitment, dedication, mental and physical toughness, tenacity
•  Self-Control and Self-Disciplinel: emotional regulation skills, relaxation skills, focus, body control
•  Integrity: honesty, loyalty, reliability, honor, self-sacrifice, boundaries, respect

Quiet Time:
•  Mindfulness meditation: breathing, being present, 5 senses awareness, stillness practice
•  Journaling: active awareness through writing, sketching, pressing flowers/leaves, rubbings, letterboxing stamps
•  Nature observation: practicing being alone, silence practice, awareness inventory
Pricing Matrix (Early Registration Deadline is May 5)
1/2 Day (8a-12p)
Full Day (8a-4p)
All Week Camp Early Reg
All Week Camp
Single Days Early Reg
Single Days
Multiple Weeks/Siblings Discount (10%)
All 5 All-Week Camp Discount (15%)
2017 All-Week Camp Dates:
June 19-23
July 10-14
July 24-28
August 7-11
August 21-25
2017 Camp Single Days:
Tues 6/27, Thurs 6/29
Tues 7/18, Thurs 7/20
Tues 8/1, Thurs 8/3
Tues 8/15, Thurs 8/17
Register ASAP: Camps fill up
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